Here are 10 Social Media Updates, you probably missed out on in February 2021. Keeping it quick & crisp for you to consume!

1. Google Search Launches “About This” Result Feature
Google announced it is rolling out a new feature that will communicate to searchers, before they click on the result, more information about that search result snippet they are looking at.

2. Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder To Safeguard Against Mistaken Post Removal
Instagram is adding a new ‘Recently Deleted’ folder which will enable users to restore any feed posts that they’ve deleted for 30 days after the fact.

3. New Amazon Mobile GetLink For Social Media Affiliate Sharing
Amazon announces Mobile GetLink, a solution for sharing affiliate links on social media and direct messaging.

4. Google Will Suspend Merchant Sites That Show Higher Prices At Checkout
Google announced that beginning on April 6, 2021, it will start enforcing its longstanding policy of requiring merchants to show the price of an item from their Google Merchant feed on their e-commerce page.

5. Facebook May Soon Enable Users To Share Their Instagram Reels To Facebook Watch
Facebook began testing a new option that would enable Reels creators to also share their Reels clips into the Facebook News Feed and to Facebook Watch.

6. Google Search Console Updates Discover Report With Chrome Data
Google is updating the Discover report in Search Console to include data from the Chrome mobile browser.

7. Adobe Is Bringing The Same Desktop Feature To Its Online Service In The New Update Of Acrobat On The Web, Also Enabled PDF Text And Image Editing
Adobe adds new Acrobat tools to tackle PDF tasks in the browser. Users will now be able to edit text and images in PDF format.

8. Google Expands Phrase Match To Include Broad Match Modifier Traffic
Changes are coming to Google’s phrase match and broad match modifier keyword match types, where Broad match modifier will be phased out as part of this change.

9. Facebook Tests New Prompts To Encourage Users To Allow Data Tracking As IDFA Changes Loom
Facebook has shared an update in its approach to Apple’s coming IDFA changes, which are expected to have a significant impact on its data-tracking capability and reduce the performance of its ad products.

10. Clubhouse

Source: Apple App Store

Clubhouse is a new hip-place that celebrities are using. It is a voice-based social media platform for drop-in audio chats. Users can walk into “rooms” and be a part of different conversations, hear stories, debate about topics or learn, with friends, or anyone

That was fast? We’ll soon do a deep-dive into each of these updates & more!

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