With millions, if not billions, of businesses trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand identity has become crucial for any business to survive. When businesses think about how consumers gain awareness about their brand, the general notion tends to be “we need to be everywhere” and hopefully something will stick. Businesses are looking to win the “Branding & Consumer-Centric” game, always.

At Schbang THETA – The Branding & Consumer Centricity division at Schbang,  we tear apart these and all other misconceptions. We help you understand how you can stand out from the clutter by just taking a step back and looking within. We’re of the belief that before we go outside, let’s go inside.

Process of how we help brands meditate with our 7 steps.

An insight into the process of meditation the Schbang Theta way

Finding your “What” and “Why”

What does your brand want to be? Who do you do it for? Why do you do it? What unique value do you bring to your customers? What do they expect out of you? Can you differentiate yourself from anything other than price?
We believe it is extremely important to do some soul searching and understand your brand before your products even hit the market. Reaching back for those personality traits and identifying your core values, can make all the difference! Though making these decisions about your brand may seem trivial they shape your entire branding and marketing communication along with the public perception of your brand.
To break it down further – we at Schbang THETA and meditate for your brand! We believe it is extremely important to do some soul searching and understand your brand before your products even hit the market. We ask brands to take a step back. Our mantra is – STOP. INTROSPECT. ANALYZE. ACT.

We believe the first step to brand awareness is research. We are curious, obsessed & understand customer patterns & customer segments – Customer Research helps us to deep-dive into how the customer thinks, behaves & acts! We believe knowing your consumer is key. After 5 years of obsessing over consumers and their thought process our Head of Consumer Centricity – Neel Shah devised a proprietary Brand Audit Book that helps you identify not only what your brand’s true essence is but also:

What you’re saying, where and how

Whether it’s a simple news article or a sponsored post on social media, we help you understand what you’re saying, where you’re saying it, and how you should be saying it. Your brand voice needs to be unique to you and resonate with your audience. You need to understand your industry and market space and find a way in which you can be different. We help you do exactly that!

What you do and how you do it

We help you know your audience, understand your business, and tackle your competition by various immersive studies and tests that we do conduct at our end. These also include workshops with senior management to ensure their vision and thoughts are in alignment with the brand’s voice and tonality. It is extremely important for you to take a step back and ask yourself: Are you happy with the content going out? Are the channels you’re using relevant? And we help you build brand stories and root them in the reality of what your business delivers with the help of our proprietary Brand Audit Book!

The importance of brand relevance

We understand that a new way to win customers is by staying relevant! Relentlessly relevant brands are the ones thriving. It is extremely important to re-evaluate your logo, colors, icons and mnemonics, and “level-up” when required. Additionally, testing various concepts and strategies before implementation is the need of the hour in today’s marketplace – and it just happens to be our specialty!

The bottom line 

People forget. They forget you, your brand, their lunch. It would take a strong relationship and visibility for someone to remember your brand. At Schbang THETA we use data-driven strategies and analyze what can work for you and stretch your resources across all the mediums that are efficient, focus on the engagements and conversions – everything that works toward your advantage.

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