If you open any screen in the world, you’ll find content. Text, video, pop-ups, and emailers, it is content that can make or break one’s online experience. And this content doesn’t come out of nowhere. It is carefully curated, strategized, edited, and then re-edited a couple of times before it ever reaches your screen. All this, to ensure the best user experience.

A tiny sentence hidden in the footer of your website or an eye-catching headline that tops the page, there is a thought process and strategy behind every line of text, and quite possibly a team behind it. One very much like ours, here at Schbang.

The Who Behind the Wow 

What started off as a small department, with 4 members and 6 retainers in 2020, has now expanded into a cracking team of 15 (and counting). With Bonsy Mehta at the helm of affairs, this team proudly manages over 24 retainers as of today. 

In the words of a couple of our oldest team members, “We’re classy, sassy and a bit smart-assy.” “Can you run anything without content? We think not!”

Aboard our content ship, we’ve got writers, nah, storytellers with expertise in strategising, editing, and stitching together blogs, articles, copy, and ads. As we expand, we’ve got on board writers with niche skills to curate content around technology, medical, financial, lifestyle, and fintech. We believe in being as diverse as our brands. What are these, you ask? We do some stellar writing for companies ranging from network tech giants to beverage brands (alco-bev included, cause beer makes our writing better?!) to some industry leaders in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. 

Working the Numbers Game 

We don’t just generate content, we generate results. For one of our clients who operate in the hair care space, we created a stellar content strategy that sent our website traffic soaring. Over the course of 5 months, we saw a 107% increase in page views while our stats on the average time spent per blog went up by 83%. For another brand in the skin care sector, the website content got them a whopping 80% increase in page views over a period of 5 months.

And wait, it’s not just blogs. Only recently, we took up a major project for Hershey’s India, where we built a content hub to house their products and recipes. We generated product page content for 70+ SKUs and put together a collation of 101+ recipes with Hershey’s Syrups as the star. Be it websites, blogs, or whatever else you throw our way, we’re in it to ace it.

The Avengers of Content

The answer lies in our new-fangled approach to long-form writing. While blogs and optimised web content is a sure-shot way of boosting RoI, we’re now beginning to look at content outside of an SEO lens. We believe in writing for the reader, and not always for Google crawlers. Our vision is to be seen as content creators, not just content writers – in creating content that connects and adds value, not just to the brand but to its audience.

As we look to the bright future (our HoD wears Gucci shades), we see brands benefiting from harbouring a rich pool of informative, authoritative, and meaningful content on their biggest online identity – their website. We look to tell brand stories across a growing range of mediums, as we build expertise on platforms such as LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit even! 

Want us to tell your brand’s story? Write to BD. Want to join this team of fab creators? Write to HR.

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