An Amazon India initiative to bring to fore India’s rich handicrafts heritage sourced locally from across the country.

Amazon Karigar houses authentically handcrafted and handloom products made by artisans from across the country. Currently, there are over 90K products available brought together by over 10Lakh artisans.


  • Build awareness about the platform, local artisans, and their handcrafted products
  • Engage audience to not only shop from Amazon Karigar but also, stand in solidarity with the lost handicrafts and the local artisans who create it
  • Drive consideration

Building on the philosophy:

The communication was crafted based on the messaging and brand identity- what the brand is about, what the brand wants to establish, how does the brand want to be looked at as! 

In order to build a vibrant, passionate, creative, and expressive communication route, Amazon India Team & Schbang Bengaluru created:

  • Interactive content pegs 
  • Visually attractive color palettes 
  • Aesthetic & Creative backgrounds 
  • Sustenance 
  • Community Building 
  • Influencer Activations

Converting Expectations into Results:

Well-curated and interesting campaigns were created to help map the route right. Let’s dive in!

  • StandForHandmade was curated in lieu of these economic disruptions and the call for Vocal For Local and “Atma Nirbharta” rising in India, Amazon Karigar, in collaboration with Amazon Saheli, came up with an impactful 10-week campaign, called “Stand For Handmade”. This campaign helped us create a channel to generate sales with zero referral fees, create a holistic experience for the customers through integrated communications, and most importantly, developed an online Flea Market to help provide a shopping experience like never before!
  • HandicraftsWeek was a week dedicated to celebrating the beautiful handmade products and the artisans in mid-December in 2020. This campaign saw a total reach of 196545, total engagement of 3296, 893 link clicks with 21 posts


  • SMBbhav 2020 was another celebrated campaign! The Karigar experience zone was created at SMBbhav 2020 showcasing the diverse and vivid artforms in the country.
  • Amazon Great Indian Festival was one of the most celebrated and highlighted campaigns of the year. With 60% off on the products, Schbang helped drive sales and engagement in between the pandemic to help the artisans earn their livelihood
  • Small Business Day was a call out to support the local artisans keeping in mind, Shop Big, Support Small where deals up to 60% off were given out to celebrate the small business owners
  • WOWWednesday was a property introduced by Schbang to highlight the person behind the brand. A live session by the brand owner would be conducted helping them speak about the brand, journey and what they want to establish helping them build a strong relationship with the audience.

How did Schbang make a difference? 

  1. Amazon Karigar hit 50k in December, 2020. It is the first internal Indian Amazon page that saw massive growth, engagement, and performance.
  2. Schbang Bengaluru, in collaboration with Amazon Karigar, hosted multiple campaigns to establish their messaging and grow the community like SMBbhav 2020, Recognition at Filmfare awards, Stand for Handmade, Stand For Handmade Bazaar, Handicrafts Mela, Amazon Great Indian Festival, Handicrafts Week, Small Business Day, Brand Film.
  3. In the year 2020, Schbang collaborated with more than 200 influencers to help spread awareness about the platform Schbang focused on creating blogs, build multiple content pegs to ensure that interaction with the audience is kept heartfelt and interesting
  4. Schbang, for Amazon Karigar, has successfully thrived to put across colorful and quirky creatives to arrest attention


Your brand can be the next big one. Let us take you there! 


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