LinkedIn: Creator-led platform? A platform that started as a place to share, write to & hire professionals has grown into a place to share creativity. Creativity that leads to people being hired, noticed & trend. 

So, what’s brewing? 

Gen Z started to realise that LinkedIn is more than just a job-finding platform, it is also a great space to showcase your creativity. A place where your portfolio meets Recruiters. 

After the numerous Uber ride stories, interview stories and all that gyan comes the sharing of creative spec ads. For creators, one of the best ways to get people talking about them and for brands to explore their share of voice on a platform that they probably don’t leverage much. 

So, let’s talk about the viral creator Devargh Mukherjee. Also, a Schbanger 😛 

Devargh brought together one of the most iconic brands with the professional platform using puns. People started talking about raises, sizes and what not. Get the hint. We are talking about Durex. A brand that stands out for being bold, humorous and super witty. 

So what excited everyone? Wrong answers only 

We had a little chat with Devargh about his trendsetting spec ads and he shared some of his secrets and learnings too! 

  1. Don’t make your content branded – Your work’s authenticity is often lost if you promote yourself over the idea. 
  1. Make it smart but accessible – When writing for a platform where universality is paramount, you have to make sure that your idea is accessible and can be done by anyone, with their versions.
  2. Don’t overdo – If you have an idea that has struck a chord, make sure you let it go places instead of trying to push it into people’s faces. People don’t care about people, but they do care about ideas

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