The theory of “Customer is King” has only proven itself to be true over the years. But is it only limited to a B2C Business? Does this hold true only for a B2C Business?

In a time where the world is speaking about personalization, a business that focuses on catering individually to its consumers is here to stay, for good. In a situation like this, what would it take to reach out to the self- prioritizing citizens from the land of Bollywood itself?

A big celebrity calling out their name and speaking to them directly? As amazing as that sounds, would it be possible?

What if we told you Castrol made it happen?

The creative and technology company Schbang, made it possible for the Castrol family with traders and mechanics to receive season’s greetings from the new brand ambassador- Tiger Shroff himself. With Castrol introducing their new brand ambassador for Castrol POWER1 – Tiger Shroff, we wanted to leverage the star’s popularity to its full potential.

As a part of the outreach, Castrol’s a trade and mechanic community was greeted with a personalized video of Tiger Shroff addressing them directly, by their name, for Diwali. New Year’s greetings weren’t far away from being special as well. A personalized Goodluck message from Tiger Shroff, for 2022 reached every retailer of Castrol. Being a B2B business, the decision of Castrol to adopt a consumer-centric approach and prioritize its stakeholders helped connect with its retailers & strengthen relationships. helped create multiple assets that helped engage with the trade and mechanic community,  becoming the first to pioneer innovative communication in this category. is a new-age technology that creates personalized videos with the help of pre-recorded footage.

With the help of face mapping, the AI learned the facial features of Tiger Shroff which was then used to create multiple personalized videos. In addition to engaging stakeholders, it enabled more footfall towards the business with technology. The Castrol bike workshop owners got a personalized invite from Tiger Shroff, which they forwarded to their customers, reminding them to service with Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE for the ULTIMATE performance in their bikes

Tiger Shroff became the first in India to create the highest number of personalized videos with this amazing technology. This easy yet smart activity led to Over 130,000 personalized videos sent to each mechanic and the trade community, wishing them on Diwali and New Year in 2021! 13,000+ personalized videos sent to bike workshop owners. WhatsApp Business, the most used social messaging platform by the traders and mechanics of Castrol, became a key tool to share these personalized videos with our Castrol family.

Castrol took a leap with this cutting-edge technology to make our most important partners: mechanics and traders, feel special and recognized. Castrol POWER1 revved up by delivering the #ULTIMATEPerformance to their community and became one of their favorite motorcycle engine oil brands.

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