Indian food traditions have always been rooted in scientific knowledge. Eating local, at the right mealtimes, in the right proportions. Home-cooked food fits abundant nutrients in a single plate. Tata Nutrikorner is all about bringing these ‘Ghar Ka Khana’ values back into the conversation.


Like any other daily essential grocery brand, Tata Nutrikorner is predominantly offline. This posed a hindrance for the agility of the brand on the digital platform due to the lack of data flow from offline to online.  

What seemed to be a huge problem for Nutrikoner and other such brands, with the help of the Schbang Digital Transformation team, found a solution within the problem itself. 


We used the huge offline network of the brand,  introduced our Digital Transformation expertise, and combined their offline logistics capabilities to serve the audiences through digital mediums. Making it as simple as plugging in digital access to their offline services, warehousing software, etc. 


The ‘Value’ Addition:

The brand’s strength lies in its deep, experienced understanding of the consumers in India and in the international, iconic market-leading brands. We amped up the level of sophistication that the website holds to ensure better communication about the offerings

Logistically Speaking: The inventory is synced from a centralized system D365 to Shopify using an API. All the orders received on the website are synchronized with the system that helps in tracking inventory while notifying Shopify. 


Locational Pricing:

Some of the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) had different pricing for different geographic locations. For example – the price of the coffee was different for Mumbai and Delhi for this, we enabled a PIN Code Validator. We developed a product in-house that asks the visitors to enter the PIN code and basis that we display the product prices on the website. This is not a usual Shopify function, but a creation of yours truly


Back in stock alerts: When the product gets out of stock,  the customers are notified through email regarding the product availability. This not only helps in better customer targeting but also provides a seamless shopping experience


Subscribe and Save: This feature enables a user to subscribe for a regular supply of the product. A recurring subscription that eliminates the process of going to the website and subscribing regularly. Thus, helping the brand in enhancing the customer life cycle and ensuring that it makes life easy!


 Content to Commerce Platform: The visitors can read the content available on the website and then buy the product. The articles, both informative and interesting in nature,   drive the traffic on the website. Within the articles, we embedded a ‘Buy Now’ button that saves time and provides a great deal of convenience to the customers

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