As we rush into the 8th month of lockdown: October, here’s a look back at all the innovative, interactive, and trendy social media updates we saw in the month of September. 

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Till then, take a look at what new is buzzing in the market – 

  1. YouTube 

YouTube, one of India’s favorite platforms, released two of its very talked-about updates this September. The first and the most trend jacking update is that after TikTok went out of the game, YouTube has also trailed behind Instagram’s Reels with its first-ever “Shorts”. These 15-second video clips are all a creator needs and YouTube has gotten it all. Reels REELly has some competition.

A phone showing the layout of the new Youtube feature - ReelsMoreover, with its second update on New Live Stream features, now creators on Youtube can get the time when their viewers are streaming and check their performance, all on the dashboard. Content Creators, this paves way for change, right? 

  1. Instagram

Instagram changed its algorithm for better (or for worse) and that has been the talk of the town. With its new algorithm, Instagram has updated its recommendations list that sorts what people view on their “Discover” and “Explore” pages. It has prohibited engagement bait, unoriginal content, and sensitive content on Health or Finance. Though with all these updates and the growing uproar, it seems like the content creators are gonna face some issues. Let’s see what’s in store. 

Additionally, owing to its racial justice commitments, more blue ticks and verified accounts are in line for the Black and the LGBTQIA+ community. This inclusivity marked by the removal of the automated systems process that prioritized follower count has made Instagram a major Social Media September steal. 

  1. Facebook

Facebook found the most adorable way of embracing the new normal as it recently rolled out its first “only-student” platform called Facebook Campus. This new college-only space is designed to help students connect with fellow classmates over shared interests, create a community, and make optimal use of remote learning.

A phone showing the new Facebook Campus FeatureFeatures like a campus-only newsfeed, campus directory, real-time chat rooms make this space more college-like. Though, currently available only in the US, we can’t wait to have Facebook Campus in India. Are you excited?

  1. Twitter

Well, it’s not a surprise that social media lingo changes almost every day, and Twitter, yet again came with an update that changed the space of retweeting. Well, cutting short the theatrics, Twitter bid farewell to “Retweets with Comments” and released its brand new “Quote Tweets”.

A phone showing the layout of the new Quote Tweet Feature of TwitterAre you upset you didn’t get a chance to say bye? We’re too. 

  1. Google

Studying and working remotely has been extremely hard ever since the lockdown but the new, interactive, and innovative integration of Google Jamboard with Google Meet has made it all easy. With this new update, now you have an inbuilt whiteboard on all your Google Meets.

A laptop showing the new layout of Google Meets Jam Board. A whiteboard where one can write or draw while having a video call.So yeah, classes, meetings, Pictionary, all are sorted with this new update.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media handles in the world today and with increasing updates, it is proving to be one of the most fast-leading social networking sites ever. No, really. LinkedIn rolled out its first-ever LinkedIn Stories, new messaging features, streamlined search results, and refreshed designs.

Phone showing the new layout of Linkedin Stories FeatureNow we know who’s really up-ing their game, right?


Social Media is a fast-changing industry with new features, innovative ideas, and interactive updates every single day. To make sure you don’t miss out on what’s brewing, keep checking this space for more buzzing updates that make for trends and conversations. Cheers!

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