Mia by Tanishq, a TATA product is a brand of modern and chic jewellery. It’s bold, stylish and experimental. Mia has aligned their marketing strategy to this narrative, catering to a modern, independent woman. 

From a cultural point of view, jewellery was earlier associated with familial heritage or a form of investment. It was looked at as something that was only taken out of it’s boxes during weddings or auspicious occasions. Hence, jewellery was preferred to be heavy and extra. Tanishq, a 20-year-old legacy brand, dominates the Indian gold jewellery market and is synonymous with celebrations. 

Mia was introduced to serve a different purpose. That of everyday jewellery for the modern woman with minimalist and lightweight designs. An example of Mia’s versatile range would be it’s beachwear collection, which was launched earlier this year. The brand is leading with digital communication to connect with it’s audience. 

“Our target audience is made up of millennials and Gen Z who tend to use social media more frequently. This particular audience also looks for information that they can relate to and emotionally connect with. In this space, a brand’s narrative, and more importantly, how it is communicated becomes extremely important. Consumers need to have a connection with the brand and resonate with it’s values” said Shrishti Jagirdar, Associate Vice President, Schbang. 

“With Mia, we aim to create content that encourages our users to interact with the brand and spark conversations. I believe that this goes a long way in fostering trust and think of Mia as more than just a jewellery brand” continued Jagirdar. 

Mia’s Father’s day film tapped into the emotional bond of a father-daughter relationship while staying true to the narrative built around the ‘Mia woman.’ The film is one that every woman can relate to and hence build an emotional connection with. You can watch the film here

“I think Mia has always been able to speak to the modern Indian woman as no other brand has been able to. The ‘Mia woman’ is one with dreams and ambitions, one who is financially and socially aware. It makes for a narrative that is relatable for many women across the country.”  Dharini Dilip Kumar, Group Creative Head, Schbang.

“While we retain this in our creative approach, we also aim to add a little more fun and young energy into every communication to show how effortlessly manage to add a little more spark to the lives of it’s customers, no matter the occasion. I think it essential to portray how the Mia woman has some fun while falling in love with jewellery all over again” continued Kumar.

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