Since the dawn of time, being a woman in India has come with its own set of challenges. While we may have come a long way, the tunnel ahead is too long for us to be able to see the light at the end of it just yet.

This Woman’s Day, Schbang decided to do some head-turning work along with its brands, starting off with addressing the elephant in the room- periods.

 As much as India prides itself on believing that we have advanced and are ‘modern enough’ to talk about the phenomenon openly, the nation has a painfully long way ahead when it comes to breaking taboos and stigmas. The fact that even today, a pack of sanitary napkins is wrapped in newspapers by the seller at the pharmacy so people can’t see, clearly shows this nation its place. But is this all women have to go through? We wish. 

Navya Nanda’s ‘Project Naveli’ & Mukul Madhav Foundation come together to inform the audiences about the painful, unhygienic, and dignity-smacking concept of ‘Period Huts’ across the country & the state of Maharashtra. Every single month, women feel sick, attacked, and traumatized with the condition of these period huts they are banished to during their period. We can’t really help but ask ourselves this question- “How can the same people, who are worshipped on certain occasions be treated so inhumanely on others?”

The teams conceptualized a social movement around Nanda reciting an eye-opening poem that will leave you with goosebumps, about the hardships the women have to go through every month &  the uninhabitable condition of the demeaning huts. Project Naveli & Mukul Madhav Foundation come together to raise awareness & funds for the same.

See the state of the women in the villages for yourselves, and donate to the cause here

But is this the only problem Indian women face?

Today in the country, where many parents aren’t too focused on expressing their emotions, they believe in showing their love for their children through financial security and providing them with all they can. But in this process of coddling their kids, parents forget how important it is to educate their kids about finances too. In the patriarchal society that we live in, it’s been noticed that women don’t indulge in the financial talk that takes place in the family. 

HDFC Life & Schbang decided to call this out. Their film, ‘The Talk’ calls attention to the unequivocal importance of financial knowledge and how it should not be something left for kids to learn once they start earning. It encourages women to have increased conversations about Finance Management with their girl children at an early age. ‘The Talk’ is considered to be incidental in a fairly larger part of the society that we live in, and HDFC breaks the taboo with the film. Worried about having “The Talk”? Pick on our two cents here.


While on the subject of breaking through the clutter of conventional stereotypes, here’s how Schbang helped BBlunt boycott the Boycut.

The infamous boy cut haircut, which has oxymoronically been coined for women. The name that made the nation form prejudices, that led to young girls sitting on a separate lunch table in school because they weren’t ‘girly’ enough, that gave them some childhood photographs that aren’t taken out as often from albums, that resulted in name-calling and imbibed identity confusion- this name has done more harm than the haircut.  

Over the years, the short, sleek haircut considered ‘bold’ has been called a “boy cut” in spite of it being a hairstyle for women. BBlunt took it upon themselves to create and spread increased awareness of how we have been calling a haircut for women a “boy cut” & rebranded the cut. The teams rebranded the cut as the ‘UniCut– a cut that doesn’t discriminate between genders.  

Check out the ‘UniCut’ here.


To put it out there, life for the Indian working woman can be difficult. While we are rightly busy fighting for rights for equality in pay and acknowledgment of skill for women in the urban workplaces, the state of women in the rural workplaces gets somewhere overshadowed.

The UPL Global team took this upon themselves and decided to make caricature faces of women farmers across the world using grains, highlighting the fact that Agriculture is not only a man’s job and the contribution of women in the growth of the sector. This heart-warming campaign focuses on the women farmers who have created an impact by being the pioneers in the field of agriculture. Find the film that creates a sense of awareness towards the life of women farmers here.

While UPL Global paid tribute to the pioneers in Agriculture, Nature’s Basket celebrated the pioneers of other fields.

While most of us were busy baking banana bread and getting abs in two weeks during the lockdown, some brave and proactive women decided to awaken the entrepreneur in them. They started their own ventures around baking, food, jewelry, etc. 


Nature’s Basket and Schbang bring together a set of these boss ladies to inspire many more. On the 7th of March at their store, they hosted a panel discussion around how these women entrepreneurs started their businesses & how they have grown them! See how that went here.

While we honor the working women, we made sure to pay our ode to the women who prove that you do not have to be in the front to shake the world up.

The Gift Studio, along with Schbang proved this by reciting the story of Manya Singh, Runner Up, VLCC Femina India, who is popularly known to be the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver. This conversation, however, highlights the role of her mother in her life. The film brings to life the struggles of Singh’s mother & how she has been the pillar of strength in Singh’s life. 

The significance of her mother’s role has been somewhat overshadowed as the nation talks about her father. Thus, the film sheds light on her mother’s hardships from the eyes of Manya Singh. Find out how Singh’s mother became the wind beneath her wings here.


These brands, with their ground-breaking campaigns, decided to make Women’s Day truly worth celebrating. At the end of the day, it’s all about seeing the light at the end of that long tunnel, and we hope this marks the beginning of the end of patriarchal stereotypes!

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