The social media roundup – August 2020

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The world has been practising social distancing for 6 months now, but there has been no distance between us and social media. This is the space where each month, Schbang curates all the major updates across the social media platform. Be the first one to hover over your favourite and try the latest features. These updates are for both, the end consumers and businesses across verticals.

August was unofficially the roll-out month of 2020 as none of our favourite platforms stayed behind in rolling out new features and app updates.  This is the space where we bring you all that’s been buzzing across the social media industry:




The widely used media sharing app brings in a brand new feature that lets you shoot, edit, add the filters, and share with the worlds around. We know what you are thinking, we know. That’s the same thought we had in mind while writing this piece. 

We are going to simplify things here:

Availability: Embedded in Instagram
Time: 15-second videos
Music: Instagram library
Uses: Acts, Challenges, Trends, Educational
Launch: July 

You can access the option to record Reels in the camera section of the Instagram app itself, just like the boomerang. 

Well now that the platform has finally rolled out to the public, the ball game rests on one thing – Monetization. While TikTok was aggressively focusing on monetization of its platform with the growing conviction of brands, it is uncertain how it will be for Reels. 

But it’s safe to say that we are REEL-ly enjoying it, aren’t we?





The go-to messaging app has come up with a feature with Google Search to help verify highly searched messages – a much-needed one. Also, they have finally made messenger rooms available in the desktop version. 






After trying hard to push it by every means possible, Google has finally decided to pull the plug on Google Play Music. Um, yes, the one preloaded app that you never used on your android. Users will have an option to move their data to YouTube music. 





Twitter has published new data citing the rise of gaming discussion on platforms, which is very evident owing to the pandemic’s boost. It has also added labels to accounts associated with State media. 



Snapchat has finally realized the potential of commercialization, having launched a new campaign to get businesses on-board. Focusing on the US market, it’s launching voter registration tools ahead of elections. 



Facebook is again making rounds in the news with multiple announcements. The US-based giant has made a strong move by launching a 25 million dollar program to support black creators. The platform is reportedly focusing on the e-com capabilities with its strong network and penetration, a big support for peer to peer commerce. 



It has finally introduced quick story insights inside the app. With this, now you can also access saved songs in the Artist section. 



The OTT, at last, has rolled out the much-awaited Hindi version, marking its clear intention to trench deeper in Indian space.


That’s it for the social media round-up for this month. Until next time, stay safe and keep practising social-distancing 😉 

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