Har ek friend zaroori hota hai. Well, we have heard this all, haven’t we? So what happens to friends who you didn’t initially know of but got to know over a slice of pizza? That’s exactly what Domino’s India did.  A social experiment, bringing together content creators and influencers of different ages and interests. Created and conceptualised by Schbang, the social experiment attempts to answer the most highly debated topics in the world, who gets the last slice of a pizza?

‘The last slice’ has a significant reference in pop culture across relationships. What haven’t we done to assert our right to the last slice? Fighting our siblings, rock, paper scissors with our best friend, arm wrestling or having a contest about who’s day or worse. However, the introduction of the last slice among complete strangers yields interesting results. 

Three unlikely pairings of content creators and influencers were coupled together to share one pizza (allegedly). Struggling to start a conversation, the pairs are relieved to see a box of pizza arriving. But wait. There’s only #TheLastSlice! Recipe for disaster much? Visibly confused, Moica Chudhary asks “yeh koi kha gaya hai kya?” (has someone already eaten this?)

While each pair starts to decide who gets the slice, they find something to bond over. While one pair bonded over their love for bollywood, another pair found out they love the same TV show! #TheLastSlice turned out to be the perfect ice breaker, or should we say Slice breaker. 

We knew the last slice of pizza could break friendships, but this social experiment has proven that it can make new friendships as well. 

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