India’s diaper industry has grown with a CAGR of more than 20% from 2011-17. The past year had seen a 40% increase in the Indian Elder Care market. Accounting for a Rs 7,000 crore market, the adult diaper domain witnessed a high double-digit growth till November 2020.

Need we tell you the reason? Nah, you guys are bright enough!

Enter – The parent company to FRIENDS Diapers, Rio Pads, Snuggy Pants & Teddy – Nobel Hygiene! 

Nobel Hygiene Logo

Nobel Hygiene is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of a varied range of personal hygiene products. Being in business for 20 years, the company has remained a leader in providing products like diapers, wipes, and sanitary solutions for women, children, and adults.

The company has scaled a consistent growth of over 50% towards its annual revenue since inception and stands as a strong brand in the healthcare industry thus pushing the diaper market to grow as well! To champion their growth and the changing business ecosystem, they reached out to the Digital Transformation Unit at Schbang.

Our strength and our integral pillar, the Digital Transformation team, enabled a quick turnaround of events at the company.

The Challenge posed to Schbang?

To deal with this rapidly increasing scope hike in demand, serving their customer base effectively, reducing manual interventions and building synergy between teams became of utmost importance to Nobel Hygiene. The company with Schbang decided to implement an integrated system that would provide a one-stop solution to save time, enable faster service, automated processes, and offer simplistic yet powerful infrastructure to house the tasks across the different business facets.

The requirements were identified as:

  1. An integrated centralized system for Management, B2B Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, and, Customer Service departments
  2. Automation of activities to reduce manual interference
  3. Developing Business Analytics across different domains along with comprehensive, integrated, and custom reports
  4. Enhancing expertise of the CRM system by integrating it with Social Media, Telephony, web, and various other operations platforms
  5. Providing structure to the employee activities and increase overall productivity
  6. User training and development support

The Panacea:

Schbang’s Theta focused on its proprietary guiding principles to understand the entire organization structure, its functions, and the gaps in those organizational processes. Thereafter, we laid the foundation for a robust framework and an integrated CRM ecosystem that would be custom-built for Nobel Hygiene.

We identified ZOHO CRM Plus as the core system best suited for their requirement and initiated a series of implementations in and around that. The Digital Transformation team implemented the Open-ended interface with a user-friendly UI which was more effective than previously used tools. It also generated subscription savings of more than 50% in contrast.

We introduced multiple integrations into the system, here are some of them:

  1. WhatsApp API Integration to build a live agent network that assists Nobel Hygiene’s customer support teams to connect with their customers 24/7 through a single contact number. With an integrated system in place, the agents had access to the customers’ communication history on all the different channels in a single place
  2. Integration of IndiaMart with CRM 
  3. Integration of social channels with customer care service that will help the client with better Online Reputation Management, track the performance of social media posts, plan and schedule the social media posts and social media analytics reports
  4. Creation of middleware for 
    1. Shopify for live updates along with historical data of orders, customers, products, and abandoned carts 
    2. Shiprocket to receive logistics data and operational updates
    3. Recurpay to gather their subscription packages, order, and status-related information 
  5. Integration of Zoho desk with Exotel telephony services, enabling their call center team to access CRM data along with customer queries at all the other channels on a single platform
  6. Created customized dashboards for Lead Management, Order Management, Inventory Management, and Subscriptions data analytics

Reasons why our solution turned out to be the right choice for Nobel Hygiene:

  • Unified Platform – Established synergy between their Management, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Call Center Support teams by helping them operate and communicate through a centralized platform.
  • Automation – Enabled multiple task automation, from system processes to transactional and customer activation emails, that helped their teams to reduce manual interventions and errors while at the same time organizing their efforts and focus on business-critical activities.
  • Personalization – The system made sure that it provided a personalized customer experience across all of their communication channels through a single platform and data repository.
Audience Summary Report

Audience Summary Report

  • Ease of Process –  It acted as a comprehensive solution for the multiple needs of Nobel Hygiene while delivering a seamless and sophisticated workflow with a simplistic user interface.
  • Tracking & AI Championed Analytics – The top management could easily track, monitor, and identify the gaps in operations through all of these functionalities by getting growth forecasts, visuals, custom reports, dashboards, and data-centric analytics to streamline their strategy and improve decision making at just a click of a button!
Order Dashboard

Order Dashboard

  • Happy Customers: The implementation created by us helped reduce the visitor waiting time by less than 5 seconds
Agent Performance Dashboard

Agent Performance Dashboard

  • Augmented Processes: Tracking the performance of the call center led to a boost in the median value of orders by 16% and also reduced the order cancellation rate, substantially
Customer Analytics Dashboard

Customer Analytics Dashboard

  • Better Ratings: The customer interactions could be captured for better feedback and planning, enabling Nobel Hygiene to take the customer happiness rating up to 80%
  • RoI Boost: Our CRM solution reaped huge RoI for Nobel Hygiene and reduced costs w.r.t. Subscription charges along with an upward rising top-line growth of figures with improved processes and related operations.
  • Tailored Training Sessions: A set of personalized Modular Training sessions were constructed and conducted for the Management and Executives of Nobel Hygiene to reduce the transition time and help them extract full juice of the system.

Kartik Johari, VP Marketing & Commerce

Kartik Johari, VP Marketing & Commerce Nobel Hygiene

On this implementation, Kartik Johari, Vice-President, Nobel Hygiene, said, “We at Nobel Hygiene & the team at Schbang came together to enable this rapid development of solutions that helped translate our CRM efforts to scale growth at Nobel Hygiene. These recent advancements in the processes have brought to light how the right kind of technology can leverage great efficiency. We have certainly started to experience it and look forward to augmenting the system even better”



Consultants on the Project : 

Sohil Karia – Co-Founder and Chief of Design & Technology, Schbang

Jatin Sinha – Head of Digital Transformation, Schbang

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