How we made India, Can Kaa Fan!

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Before you say LEGEND– wait for it, check out what went into making Can Kaa Fan

As you could see in the video, the objective of this campaign was to increase consideration of CAN’s among the youth.

India wasn’t ready to be a fan. But we have our ways to get to its heart!



Here is a breakdown of how even YOU can create a Fan out of anyone for your brand.

  • Identify your target audience: We identified males from the age group of 21-26 & 27-34 belonging to Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities. The consumption of any fuzzy beverage didn’t have a preference in the age group of 21-26 thus being a potentially great target audience to incorporate drinking from CAN’s a norm.
  • Building a customer persona: To be able to penetrate into the market that we had identified, it was necessary to build a persona around the customer. Self-confident, balanced individual, fun-loving individual who likes to socialize, is open to trying new things, aware but not influenced by outside pressure, aspirational with risk-taking tendencies – well, we FOUND our IDEAL customer!
  • Speaking the language: To be able to communicate the swag of the brand & achieve the objective (which we really like to do) we understood that it’s important to speak the language, they were speaking – Hinglish. Using rhyming schemes, puns & tweaked Bollywood songs in the copies, we made the CAN, a relatable friend.
  • The Special Factor: That’s simple to understand. It’s the Unique Selling Proposition. The fact that CAN’s chilled faster, were stackable, easy to carry, shatterproof, recyclable, tamper-proof, tastes better & lightweight. Oof! CAN’s For The Win!
  • Story-telling: Using interactive & relatable stories to communicate with the audience. Stories that help communicate the “The CAN FACTOR” and gather insights whilst doing that!
  • Our Oh, CROP moments: Using bright colors on creatives that Target Audiences can relate to. Adding an element of humor, interaction & the Katak Tishhh to the CAN’s to make them visually appealing.

– DARY. We asked you to wait for it 😛

A product that the Indian youth uses regularly but never realized that there were people pushing them to use it in ways that could not only benefit the environment but THEM too!

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