Schbang has the global mandate for a large B2B communications company that enjoys a turnover of over INR  20,000 crores. Over the last couple of years, we have been able to experiment with and understand the role that B2B marketing can play in driving millions of dollars of business for large corporations. Here is an example of how a global digital ecosystem enabler has been able to win large contracts through data analysis & content analysis. 

The global digital ecosystem’s enabler has helped boost the digital transformation of multiple organizations, with the majority of Fortune 500 Companies. Present in more than 200 countries and territories around the world, it carries around 30% of the world’s internet routes and connects businesses to 60% of the world’s cloud giants. 

The Ask

The communications giant closed an IT company, as a multi-million dollar contract in October 2020. While learning about the IT company’s experience, it inferred that the website’s notable features were impactful in learning about the brand and its offerings.

The website tracked & managed by our Schbang Tech team was instrumental in not just displaying and collecting data but communicating the company and its offerings in an engaging way that attracted various business houses to the company’s website. We wanted to learn about the impact the website had on the multi-million dollar contract.

What we Found Out?

  • 174 sessions on the website
  • The ‘products and solutions’ pages recorded 12 sessions
  • 6 resources downloaded via submissions of email

This insight turned pivotal for planning and strategizing the sales procedure for the global digital ecosystem enabler.

Can we hear HOW!? Let’s break it down!

The global digital ecosystem enabler & us, based on our findings, charted out a plan that included tracking leads through the visitors and their activity on the website. 

Clearbit     Google Analytics

  1. Clearbit, a marketing data engine for customer interactions, was used to help track IP addresses of the leads that visited the website, and then traced them back to their source 
  2. Google Optimize was used to personalize the website. The communication on the website was dynamically altered to best suit the nature of the company identified by clearbit.
  3. Google Analytics was used to analyze the data that was collected such as the session time, the clicks on the website, etc.

With various key decision-makers visiting and interacting with the website and being influenced by the brand, we learned that they were delving into the company’s work and trying to learn more and more about their works. 

After learning that around 341 companies visited the global communication company’s website, we have now enabled the sales teams to close more leads backed by Data. This observation turned into an offering, that our team designed and built on, leading to better customer engagement and increasing sales.

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