E-Commerce Integration

The objective was to create a platform for BBLUNT to showcase their products and salon services.

As e-commerce was the focus of the brand, we enabled an integration with Shopalyst where the users can buy from the BBLUNT site itself, the products that are hosted on third party sites like Nykaa, Amazon, etc.

Coming from the insight that a lot of people search for BBLUNT salons on Google, we decided to create a holistic place where users can find their closest salon on the map, they can also know where to buy the products offline as that too is displayed on the locator.

As BBLUNT also has multiple academies for hair color, we have a created a page where users can fill in a form to join one of the academies. There’s a similar form even for anyone who would want a BBLUNT franchisee

Design & Technology

As far as the design is concerned, we have highlighted the core features of the brand in a quirky yet simplistic way. The homepage banner has an impactful design and a cool animation for every new product/service launch, which cannot be missed.

The site is made on WordPress which has the flexibility of adding features and functionalities via plug-ins that are easily available, making the process of enhancing the user experience faster.

BBLUNT even offers personalized solutions for hair on this site with BSystem – daily care, styling and transformation all designed for Indian hair and weather, coming together.

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