Technology & Design

Black Hair Hub has a unique design which offers way more than a regular blog – whether it is the ‘How to videos’, the community section or the live Instagram feed from #hairinspo. This site provides a great user experience with the infinity scroll functionality which auto populates the next article when a reader reaches the end of one article.

As stats show that 80% of users access a website using mobile, we too design a website keeping ‘mobile first’ in mind. This is exactly what we have done with Black Hair Hub as far as the wire-frame, design and content was concerned. We planned the mobile site first.

All about content

This is a blog for everything related to African hair; Black Hair Hub provides an A to Z mention of all the international hair trends, hairstyles and hair care techniques. This chic international website aims to help African women style and care for their hair, while embracing the true quirk of their mane.

What’s cool? It has a community section, where users can ask questions related to hair – just like Quora and readers can answer them! It even has a Salon Locator for readers to search salons and owners in the West & South West can list their salons.

While our content team is populating this with interesting and trendy content, users too can sign up on the website and share their own articles or even upload videos to share their experiences with various products

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