Breathefree is a public service initiative from Cipla, for patients with chronic airway diseases. It was commenced on occasion of 75 years of Cipla. Breathefree, today, is a comprehensive patient support system for respiratory care. With the help of its network of Breathefree clinics, chemists and counseling centers, Breathefree has created a community of people who have successfully conquered their breathing difficulties and a support system for those looking for ways to live a completely healthy life. India is a country of over 38 million asthmatics with only 10% who use inhalers! There is a lack of education on the subject. Inhalers have often been perceived as embarrassing and people avoid conversations around them.

Asthma is a condition that needs to be managed properly with the help of an inhaler. This campaign for Breathefree by Cipla explains just that.

Watch this video by Schbang Motion Pictures featuring Radhika Apte, Chef Vikas Khanna, Parupalli Kashyap and Srishti Dixit, as tell you exactly why asthma ke liye #InhalersHainSahi


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