Fevicol has been one of India’s most iconic brands when it comes to marketing and advertising. The brand started its digital journey in 2016 through entering social media platforms and we began our digital journey with the brand back in 2019. Being a brand that has a history of iconic ads, Fevicol followed the same philosophy on digital, i.e. create content which is quirky, innovative, and relatable and most importantly connects with the audience on that platform.  The main aim for this brand is to keep reminding the audience that with Fevicol you have ‘The Ultimate Bond’.

Most of the ideas from our brand team are quite spontaneous in nature. Our brief is simple, bring out ‘Mazboot Jod’ in the quirkiest manner possible. This can be done in hundred different ways. Any concept which makes you smile, works! So our teams create a lot of topical content and ace the Moment Marketing game for Fevicol. Here are some of our favourites, that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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