For Fevikwik we have launched a series of cool stop-motion videos, ‘Fix anything with Fevikwik’ that show how Fevikwik can fix items around the house in one’s daily life. The brand aims to be seen as a smart brand that plays a role in more aspects than one can imagine – an instant-bonding adhesive that is a perfect partner for any and every one to have cherished moments and fix any kind of day-to- day things.

Stop-motion was used as a tool given that it is way more appealing and not many brands have used this form of film-making to create content. This content is out of the ordinary and extremely engaging.

Each of these videos are aimed at a different target audience, thereby reaching out to its universal audience. ‘Fevikwik Fix that Every Girl Needs’ targets girls and women between the ages 16 to 35 years, where as ‘Fevikwik Fix For Music Lovers’ reaches out to women as well as men in the same age group and ‘Fevikwik Fix For Bikers’ targets men.

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