Simplified User Journey

For Nature’s Basket, our Website Team created detailed user personas and conducted a competitive analysis based on which they created the user journey to solve the problems of the existing website.

We re-designed all the pages to make the flow of the user more efficient, allowing them to smoothly direct through the website and reach their check out easily.

Design & User Experience

We completely changed the layout of the website making the product images larger and more attractive.

The main focus of our redesign was to make it convenient for our users. One of the ways we went about doing this was when a user is on a listing page and clicks on the product he/she is interested in, instead of taking the user to an inner page, we created a new page in the form of a pop up. This allowed the users to easily navigate back to where they had stopped, and browse through other products which would motivate them to make a purchase, instead of reloading the page.

Experience the website