Castrol POWER1 used to be perceived as a brand that catered only to hardcore bikers with high CC Super & Cruiser Bikes.

Hence our objective was to re-position Castrol POWER1 as an engine oil which caters to all, the daily commuters and can be used on all the bikes.

For this campaign, we came up with the hashtag from an insight we received stating that in every adult there is a hidden child that wants to play. The same people who seek excitement in everyday rides as well as people who enjoy road trips to experience the exhilaration of acceleration. Those who grab every opportunity, every stretch of open road, every time, every day. There is a child in each one of them, a child who just wants the Power To Accelerate, Power To Discover, the #PowerToPlay.

We communicated this message through various assets we created for our campaign alongside our hero film by Schbang Motion Pictures which boldly showcases their new claim that is the New Castrol POWER1 with Power Release Technology beats key competitors on acceleration: 5 Metres Ahead In Just 30 Seconds*

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