Beautiful Imagery

Nilaya by Asian Paints is an exquisite offering of wall coverings curated with a perfect blend of rich understanding of surfaces and India aesthetics. With the brand offering a very colorful range of wallcoverings, we focused on building a minimalistic, black and white website with golden highlighting to make the images stand out and give a rich and royal look to the website. Starting from the homepage, where the key highlights of the season are showcased to the inner products pages that display their ranges, the beautiful images are the highlight.

User Experience

The website having 2500+ products listed, the navigation bar of the website has been structured in such a way that the user can get a glimpse of all the products and navigate to the desired section. For instance, the user can choose a wallpaper by colour, design style, space or by pattern which makes the search more focused. Each of the products also have a zoom feature which further enables the user to make the right choice.

All the product pages also have a very useful tool that is the calculator. This tool allows a user to enter the height and width of their walls to compute the quantity of wallpaper rolls required to cover that wall, along with the cost of the same. It also allows the user to save the dimensions and the cost by room name while exploring other wallpaper collections.

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