User Research & Problem Solving

For RAW Pressery our Website Team conducted a detailed qualitative and quantitative user research with 80 qualitative data points and segregated information across 30 categories. The objective of this research was to understand the use of the website, the product, the pain points, along with the website usability testing. On finding out the problem areas faced by users, the team worked on solutions using UI/UX. The outcome was a beautiful website that gave the perfect visual journey, smart navigation and smooth user experience.

Design & Development

The website was made visually appealing with large imagery of the products and fruits to bring out the rawness of the brand. The design team followed the brand’s guidelines of black and white colours and added in the splash of colour with the beautifully shot natural images of products and fruits. In order to keep it minimal and less text heavy, iconography was used to communicate all the necessary information in the more effective way.

Our Development Team developed a customized subscription model which allows users to customize the number of products, the delivery date and day and the duration of the subscription. The Frontend is created on VueJS, the most modern frame work, allowing the website to load within seconds.

Experience the website