Our objective was to introduce UNO enthusiasts to the new edition of the game via online engagement and an offline meet-up. The audience we were targeting was young, witty, spontaneous, and obviously on Tinder.

So we created an UNO profile on Tinder which read the following:

Polyamorous. Smooth Talker. Banter Creator.
Turning friends to foes. Everyday I’m shuffling.
Hobbies: Travelling in packs, mingling with strangers.
Swipe right to see my wild side & you’ll be screaming my name before you finish.

On Tinder, UNO had quirky conversations with the young users and invited them to come over to Doolally through a Facebook event.
With this campaign, not only did we introduce UNO enthusiasts to the latest version of the game, but also achieved 240 online conversations with Tinder users and our Tinder Profile got over 850 matches.

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