Gender is not a choice, one is born with it,
Just as one is born with the need to breathe, eat, sleep (and occasionally, bleed from an organ).

What’s stopping us from talking about menstruation inclusively?
Prefixes like “feminine”, “women’s”, “female”.
Let’s fix the prefix.

Thousands of menstruators in India who are transgender have been systemically rendered invisible from the conversation around menstruation,

Acknowledging their stories, and accepting that their bodies struggle with menstrual cramps and pain just like every other menstruating individual, would ease their discomfort with a physiological process that doesn’t define their identity and a space that has been highly feminised.

This #MenstrualHygieneDay, Boondh Social Foundation @boondhcups and Schbang For Good worked towards making menstruation in India truly gender-inclusive, by petitioning to menstrual products and hygiene brands to replace “women” with “menstruators” on all their branding and communication.
Every signature towards this change,
Every share of their stories,
Every conscious act of calling menstruators, “menstruators”,
Enables us to amplify this movement to finally make society see all of the faces of menstruation, as opposed to just cis-women.
Let’s remember – Not all who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate! 🌈

It’s time to #UngenderMenstruation

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