The Story Of Schbang’s Lockdown

Lockdown inevitably brought in a set of challenges for all the companies and the economy at large. Schbang, an integrated marketing agency, onboarded 150 new hires during the period with zero layoffs and an increment for all members of its team on the back of some strong business wins and network growth plans.

With the addition of new members, the team has grown to 500+, working across multiple locations and verticals, making Schbang one of the largest Independent Agencies. “We have been actively hiring new talent from across spectrums, including those who have faced lay-offs during the lockdown. This has been possible due to the faith new clients have bestowed on us during this time and the support of our existing clients even though they have faced challenges too. It’s heartening to see Schbang as the partner of choice for large companies seeking category growth. Despite severe pressure on margins, the decision to award increments to all members of our team has to do with our proactive and people-first culture. A call we could take because of our structure as an Independent Entity.”- says Harshil Karia, Founder, Schbang

The decision to award increments to all its team members has shown a positive increase in morale. Their management and leadership have observed a boost in team spirit at large across the board. Along with the financial growth, the company has undertaken a host of engagement initiatives like 3-year career plans for every member of its team, psychological counselling services, workshops for skill development like calligraphy, art, music along with new avenues for physical and meditative growth through a partnership with Mindhouse

Schbang has onboarded 10+ National clients across verticals with an average turnover of INR 500 Cr during the lockdown. ITC Nimwash, ASUS, Tata Communications, Olay’s Middle East Business, Fiama, Dr. Vaidya’s from RPSG to name a few. The list of new clients is steadily growing as Schbang continues to attract the best brands with their commitment to work and clients at large. The end to end execution of campaigns, from planning to launch to reporting has been integral to the growth of their clients.

While the company has been grappling for growth like the others in the industry too, Schbang has not just onboarded new clients and hired 150+ people, but has also started two new divisions during this period. Schbang X is a division that focuses on experiments and collaborations, communicating ideas through art, music, and film. Bringing creators & communities together towards creating a societal statement and invoke cultural action. The work on Rio Pads for PCOS month is a stand out for the team.

And Schbang for Good is an impact communications wing of the agency, working with Foundations, Trusts, and companies that are taking the World towards Good. The team has done some noteworthy work for Mukul Madhav Foundation on Human Trafficking, and creating a first of its kind digital art museum on Instagram for the visually impaired with the #AddTheAlt campaign and more.

The output of the work despite lockdown has stayed the same. Teams across different locations are now closer and collaborative than ever, all thanks to the digital & remote working. Not only they have been collaborating & conceptualizing virtually, and end-to-end implementation for numerous campaigns has been swift.

With everything that has been happening on the business front, Schbang has rolled their dice more than just once. Many new divisions have come into the play during lockdown based on the requirements of the clients. The agency is set to make multiple significant announcements in the coming months in the product and service domain. With agility in the roots, every day, they are taking a step towards the goal of taking India to the World and bringing the World to India.


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