In celebration of International Friendship Day, Jubilant FoodWorks’s Domino’s India launched a fun-filled social experiment. Created and conceptualised by Schbang, the campaign #TheLastSlice ignites new friendships over the last slice of pizza

The ‘last slice’ is associated with something that has to be wrestled over, won and earned. Among friends, it’s easy to steal the slice or put one’s case forward to win the last slice. However, things change when it is to be shared with strangers. 

Domino’s got 3 pairs of unsuspecting strangers together, all expecting a whole pizza. The pairs included creators Farida Patel, Monika Choudhary and Nishika Khanna, paired with influencers Aaron Koul, Abhinav Anand and Sainee Raj

The pairs of different age groups, with seemingly nothing in common, were waiting for a pizza. But they were only given the last slice. However, they were able to break the ice with the power of a single slice. While one pair bonds over their love for Bollywood, another surprises each other with dialogues from the same TV show. All pairs ended up sharing the slice and experienced the start of a new friendship, which they continued off-screen.

Sandeep Anand, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd, said “Pizza is always shareable. It is the perfect glue to bonds of friendship, and there’s no better day to start the ritual of owning “Friendship” than “friendship’s Day” itself.”

“With our ‘The Last Slice’ campaign, we want to make it even more memorable for people coming together to celebrate friendship initiated with the last slice of Domino’s Pizza. Even if they met for the first time.” he added. 

Commenting on the film, Maaz Ahmad Siddiqui, Group Creative Manager, Schbang said “The last slice of pizza has been widely talked about and referenced throughout pop culture as always being an instigator of conflict between two people who share a close relationship. But here, we wanted to see how two ‘strangers’ would react when put in a room together with this last slice. As expected, it always acted as an ice-breaker bringing them closer. A huge thanks to Domino’s for giving us the opportunity to execute this!”

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