With passion and responsibility, the gold winner of the global award Founder of the Year Medium Size Companies, Harshil Karia, founder of Schbang and Level, combines technology transformation and personal growth

Harshil Karia, founder of Schbang & Level received the Growth Rings in Gold for the global award Founder of the Year category Medium Size Companies at the Founders´ Awards Gala held at Stockholm City Hall on September 22.

“I’m grateful to Founders Alliance for this prestigious recognition. This award is rightly timed and adds a lot of credibility to our work as we expand Schbang in the UK and also in the Netherlands. Plans are being laid to serve the rest of Europe before we go to the Middle East. And it also opens up a lot of opportunities for Level to potentially be a powerful operator in Europe – we’re already seeing active interest from partners in Europe given how everyone understands the impact Meditation can have on shaping the Human mind and Human potential”, says Harshil Karia.

The jury’s motivation for Harshil Karia:

“Despite his young age, this ambitious and passionate natural entrepreneur who lives entrepreneurship, has already sold one founded company, and successfully scaled two more, in a variety of business sectors. The winner is taking strong human and social responsibilities with everything from schools and water-supply, to helping the global society to expand our brain-functionalities.”

Harshil Karia founded Schbang 2014 together with Sohil Karia and Akshay Gurnani, and Level 2021 together with Ranveer Allahabadia and Aayush Anand. Both companies are headquartered in Mumbai, India and are established in India, one of the world’s largest markets.

Schbang is a global creative and technology transformation company arising as a challenger from India – the most competitive market in the world with the highest credentials for technological capability.

Level is a game that makes the process of personal growth addictive. Schbang has established the Schbang for Good Foundation. They work with over 200 farmers on ecological sustainability moving them to multi cropping and organic farming. The company is also building a school and supporting four schools inside villages in remote India.

Harshil’s driving force for Schbang is building a large global Indian challenger in the world of creative and technology transformation, and for Level to elevate human consciousness.

The finalists have earlier introduced themselves and their companies to a jury of qualified founders consisting of: Chairwoman of the jury Monika Liikamaa – Enfuce, Anastasia Georgiadou – Alminia, Tom Sulzer – Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories, Robby Yung – Animoca Brands and Thomas Rogalin – Workz.

Founder of the Year

Founder of the Year is Founders Alliance’s main award, and aims to draw attention to and highlight global large scale founders who own and operate sustainable companies, and thus stimulate more medium-sized and large internationally expanding companies.

The founders and their companies are ranked based on the Founders Alliance (FA) Index, which takes into account past performances, future potential and societal achievements.

To pay attention to the highest performing founders in several company development phases, and to highlight female and male winners, Founder of the Year is awarded to male and female founders in three categories based on financial results the year prior.

In the category Founders of Medium Sized Companies are active founders of a company with a revenue of approximately 10-50 MEUR with at least 20% ownership in a profitable company.

Photo: Jean Lapin, Evan Pantiel


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