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Making Instagram More Accessible for 285 Million People

By August 31, 2020 No Comments

Over 100 photographers pledge to make their art more accessible for visually impaired by taking 1 simple step in this new campaign conceptualised by Schbang for Good 

Technology has made our lives easier, brought us closer, and solved many challenges. However, sometimes the most exciting facets of the tech around are often left unused. One such feature is “Alt- Text.” It’s a simple and highly useful functionality introduced in 2018 by Instagram. It reads out loud the description we manually add to our posts while posting it, enabling the visually impaired to listen to an audio description.

Schbang for Good, an impact communications wing of Schbang, focused on driving a social change and launched the #AddTheAlt campaign on World Photography Day. The campaign aims at bridging the gap between art and its accessibility for specially-abled people with the use of technology. 

Instagram is all about viewable communication. Its pushing away people with related impairments from a world that is thriving on visual communication. With the use of ‘alt-text,’ people who cannot see the pictures clearly can listen to the audio as they explore their feed. 

Here is how you can add the alt-text: Choose a filter and edit the image, then tap Next > Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen > Click on Alt Text > Add the description and click done

Noted lensmen like Rohan Shrestha, Prasad Naik, Jaideep, Anushka Menon are among the likes of hundred photographers who have come forward to take a pledge of adding an ‘alt-text’ to all the images possible, making world’s prominent visual social network a little more social. 



The team has created a first of its kind digital art museum on Instagram called @thealtmuseum, showcasing images from various photographers across the country, with the added alt-text. In under 24 hours since its launch, we’ve got over 1000 people participating and sending in their pictures and have also started added the alt-text to their images. The campaign in just 24 hours has been able to reach over 25k people on the platform. 

The aim of this campaign is not only getting select few photographers to add an alt-text to their images but to change the way we use social media. 

While the feature has been there on the platform for over two years, it has been rarely put to use. Riya Parekh, creative lead on the project, said “For a fully abled individual, it is difficult to live in the shoes of a visually impaired person for long. But we knew it was important to do so, in order to sensitize the larger audience and drive an action towards inclusivity. That’s how the idea of “The first-ever Instagram Photo Museum for the Visually Impaired” came about. Creating a large social conversation led by key opinion leaders of the industry and platform, all taking a simple stance for acceptance and inclusivity on the platform.” 

One ‘alt-text’ might seem like a ripple in a big ocean today, but slowly, if we start adding it to that one photo we post every weekend – by the next World Photography Day, we would make photos a lot more accessible for everyone. The best part? It (the change) all starts with your one line of text! 


Check out our digital art museum here. And do send in your images too. 

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