The Faces Behind The Schbang!

Harshil Karia


Harshil aka 'The Dreamer' focuses on building our Vision, new business, strategy and holistic marketing solutions for clients across industries. He's also responsible for shaping the culture of Schbang.

Akshay Gurnani

Co - Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Akshay aka 'The Realist' heads the Integrated Solutions department, focusing on brand development, cross-functional operations, strategy and holistic solutions for all retainer and project-based clients.

Sohil Karia

Co-Founder and Chief Design & Technology Director

Sohil aka 'The Creator' heads and manages the Design and Tech department, focusing on new innovations and technology-driven solutions across industries.

Mini Nair

Head Human Resources

Mini is that strong pillar every organisation needs. She leads the HR team that drives the core functions of Staffing, Development, Compensation, and employees relations.

Sushant Vithaldas

Business Head, Schbang Bangalore

Sushant is a part of the Solutions team in Bangalore that works in collaboration with all departments of Schbang to provide integrated marketing solutions to our clients.

Isha Amin

Sr.Vice President, Integrated Solutions

Isha is a part of the Integrated Solutions department that develops brand strategy & planning. She works with her team to bring together the holistic solutions Schbang has to offer to clients. And she makes lists...
a lot of lists.

Dhvani Jagasia

Head of Finance

Dhvani's role comprises of analyzing the financial and structural business scenario and existing dynamics within the company to modify and design the way forward for new business needs and requirements.


Accounts Manager

Suryakant is a part of the Accounts and Finance Department who makes sure our finances are in check

Krutika Korat

Manager - Legal and Compliance

Krutika's role is committed to maintaining the legal health of the company and making sure we stay out of trouble.

Aditya Mehendale

National Creative Director

As one of the senior leaders in the creative team, Aditya helps craft creative communication and strategy across social, video, web and the whole Schbang!
He’s our very own in-house VO artist. If you’ve seen the RAW videos and a bunch of our case studies, you know what we’re talking about.

Indraneel Gawde

Head of New Business

Indraneel heads a team of 5 overseeing Business Development. He focuses on finding & closing Schbang's best & next clients. His team & him focus on all inward inquires & they are always open for Business. He can sell Ice to an Eskimo!

Amisha Gulati

Executive Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Amisha leads our digital solutions business in Bangalore and Mumbai and helps grow our businesses across. Also, she is a painter!

Mrunal Shah

Executive Producer & Editor

Mrunal is a sub-department head and manages a team of producers at the Motion Pictures department. He executes ad films from the creative brief stage to the delivery. He also indulges in editing the film's every now and then.
If you want to find Mrunal, follow the house music.

Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam

Head - Schbang Motion Pictures

Abhimanyu is a sub-department head and manages a team of producers at the Motion Pictures department. He executes ad films from the creative brief stage to the delivery. He also indulges in directing films every now and then.

Priyam Dadia

Head of Business for Media

Priyam is a part of the Media Team who works on plans and strategies for campaigns and oversees their seamless execution to meet client's objectives. If you don't find her at her desk, she's probably at her colleague's desk - snacking away!

Aayush Vyas

Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Aayush comes with an interesting background of working with the brands. He is leading our digital solutions in Mumbai and also building our entertainment division

Sagar Gite

Creative Director (Art)

Sagar heads the design team and focuses on creating new designs and creative concepts for brands across mediums.

Adith Anande

Post-Production Head

Adith is a part of the Motion Pictures team at Schbang who makes sure that the post-production process moves smoothly.
The only thing faster than his editing skills, are his ‘Meme’ creation skills.

Delzeen Marolia

Influencer Relationship Manager

Delzeen spends most of her time growing Schbang's relationships with the largest advocates on the internet - Influencers! If you're big in the digital space, she will hunt you down!

Vishnu Prasad

Post Production Head

Vishnu heads the post production team and his main area of focus is on editing and color correction.
He is a prankster in disguise of a commander.

Anvay Chavan

Art Director

Anvay is a part of the design team and focuses on creating new designs, concepts for the brand and execute it with perfection within given timeline. If he's not at his desk designing, he can be found walking around barefoot with a paint brush in his hand!

Rasika Jaitpal

Art Director

Rasika is a part of the design team and focuses on creating designs for brands across categories from auto to FMCG.

Radhika Raheja

Head of Strategy Planning & Business Development Lead

Radhika is an integral part of our business development team and helps grow our business across India backed by Strategy

Shweta Bhatkar

HR Manager – Operations & Compliance

Shweta plays an integral role across HR functions such as operations, compliance and employee relations. She can find you the best food in town on good days and the best places to drink on her bad days!

Khushnuma Daruvalla

Vice President, Integrated Solutions | Lead - Schbangfluencer Team

Khushnuma is a part of the Integrated Solutions Team, managing digital strategy and communication for brands and leading internal teams to create better client experiences and business results.
Also she likes to have her cake and eat it too.

Khushkool Khosla

Vice President - Business Transformation

Khushkool is building the Technology division at Schbang

Nikhitha Anil

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Nikitha leads digital solutions teams in Bangalore

Dharini Kumar

Group Creative Head

Dharini leads our Creative team our of Bangalore
Neha sharma

Neha Sharma

HR Manager, Bangalore

Neha plays an integral role across HR functions such as staffing, compensation and employee relations in Bangalore. She’s always on the lookout for the right talent.
She not just has OCD with respect to work but about the space around her too.