The Faces Behind The Schbang!

Harshil Karia


Harshil aka 'The Dreamer' focuses on building our Vision, new business, strategy and holistic marketing solutions for clients across industries. He is also responsible for shaping the culture of Schbang.

Akshay Gurnani

Co - Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Akshay aka 'The Realist' heads the Integrated Solutions department, focusing on brand development, cross-functional operations, strategy and holistic solutions for all retainer and project-based clients.

Sohil Karia

Co-Founder and Chief Design & Technology Director

Sohil aka 'The Creator' heads and manages the Design and Tech department, focusing on new innovations and technology-driven solutions across industries.

Mini Nair

Head Human Resources

Mini is that strong pillar every organisation needs. She leads the HR team that drives the core functions of Staffing, Development, Compensation, and employees relations.

Rayomand J. Patell

Chief Creative Officer and Chief Integration Officer.

Rayomand J. Patell is the only Creative guy in India at the intersection of Advertising, Technology and old cars. At least two out of those three passions are useful to Schbang in his roles of Chief Creative Officer and Chief Integration Officer.

Sushant Vithaldas

Head Business Operations, Schbang Bangalore

Sushant is a part of the Solutions team in Bangalore that works in collaboration with all departments of Schbang to provide integrated marketing solutions to our clients.

Dhvani Jagasia

Head of Finance

Dhvani's role comprises of analyzing the financial and structural business scenario and existing dynamics within the company to modify and design the way forward for new business needs and requirements.

Suryakant Bondre

Sr. Accounts Manager

Suryakant is a part of the Accounts and Finance Department who makes sure our finances are in check

Krutika Korat

Sr. Manager - Legal and Compliance

Krutika's role is committed to maintaining the legal health of the company and making sure we stay out of trouble.

Aditya Mehendale

National Creative Director

As one of the senior leaders in the creative team, Aditya helps craft creative communication and strategy across social, video, the web and the whole Schbang!
He’s our very own in-house VO artist. You know what we're talking about if you’ve seen a bunch of our case studies.

Indraneel Gawde

Head Business Development

Indraneel heads a team of 5 overseeing Business Development. He focuses on finding & closing Schbang's best & next clients. His team & him focus on all inward inquires & they are always open for Business. He can sell Ice to an Eskimo!

Amisha Gulati

Executive Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Amisha leads our digital solutions business in Bangalore and Mumbai and helps grow our businesses across. Also, she is a painter!

Isha Amin

Sr.Vice President, Integrated Solutions

Isha is a part of the Integrated Solutions department that develops brand strategy & planning. She works with her team to bring together the holistic solutions Schbang has to offer to clients. And she makes lists...
a lot of lists.

Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam

Head - Schbang Motion Pictures

Abhimanyu is a sub-department head and manages a team of producers at the Motion Pictures department. He executes ad films from the creative brief stage to the delivery. He also indulges in directing films every now and then.

Priyam Dadia

Head of Media

Priyam is a part of the Media Team who works on plans and strategies for campaigns and oversees their seamless execution to meet client's objectives. If you don't find her at her desk, she's probably at her colleague's desk - snacking away!

Aayush Vyas

Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Aayush comes with an interesting background of working with the brands. He is leading our digital solutions in Mumbai and also building our entertainment division

Sagar Gite

Creative Director (Art)

Sagar heads the design team and focuses on creating new designs and creative concepts for brands across mediums.

Adith Anande

Lead Composer

Adith is a part of the Motion Pictures team at Schbang who makes sure that the post-production process moves smoothly.
The only thing faster than his editing skills, are his ‘Meme’ creation skills.

Delzeen Marolia

Head of Talent Management

Delzeen spends most of her time growing Schbang's relationships with the largest advocates on the internet - Influencers! If you're big in the digital space, she will hunt you down!

Vishnu Prasad

Post Production Head

Vishnu heads the post production team and his main area of focus is on editing and color correction.
He is a prankster in disguise of a commander.

Anvay Chavan

Sr. Art Director

Anvay is a part of the design team and focuses on creating new designs, concepts for the brand and execute it with perfection within given timeline. If he's not at his desk designing, he can be found walking around barefoot with a paint brush in his hand!

Parul Somani

Sr. Art Director

Parul is a part of the design team and focuses on creating designs for brands across categories from auto to FMCG.

Radhika Raheja

Head of Strategy Planning

Radhika is an integral part of our business development team and helps grow our business across India backed by Strategy

Shweta Bhatkar

Sr. HR Manager

Shweta plays an integral role across HR functions such as operations, compliance and employee relations. She can find you the best food in town on good days and the best places to drink on her bad days!

Khushnuma Daruvalla

Vice President, Integrated Solutions | Lead - Schbangfluencer Team

Khushnuma is a part of the Integrated Solutions Team, managing digital strategy and communication for brands and leading internal teams to create better client experiences and business results.
Also she likes to have her cake and eat it too.

Khushkool Khosla

Vice President - Business Transformation

Khushkool is building the Technology division at Schbang

Nikhitha Anil

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Nikitha leads digital solutions teams in Bangalore

Umang Maheshwari

Head - Consulting & Advisory

Umang leads the consulting and advisory team. His team helps clients start new businesses, grow existing ones with an advisory to the boards on day-to-day decision-making, and executing projects in sales, media, marketing & operations to unlock growth.``

Martin Vinter

Managing Director, Schbang UK

Martin is the Managing Director of Schbang UK. He has spent a large part of his career building UK-based and global agencies and their digital propositions, servicing infrastructure and teams. In 2010, after a number of years building the Razorfish Search and Digital team, he joined Mindshare Global to expand their digital capabilities as a global leader in media. He later joined Dentsu's iProspect to lead and grow their media and performance division. Working at the intersection of innovation, operations and leadership, Martin has worked with leading brands across categories in the UK, Europe and globally.

Bonsy Mehta

Head of Content Marketing, Consumer Centricity & Branding

A passionate wordsmith who is addicted to the written word (be it on a book or the back of a shampoo pack), Bonsy Mehta heads our Content and Branding teams at Schbang. She has over 15 years of experience in the industry and has worked with some illustrious brands to create winning strategies and content for them over the years.

Aditya Shaw

Vice President - Business Transformation

Aditya is a part of the Business Transformation team, leading them to build strategies that bring growth for brands trying to leverage the most of out Web, SEO, Content, Direct Marketing & CRM.

Divisha Iyer

Associate Vice President & Business Head - Influencer Management

Divisha started her journey 8 years ago in advertising and has worked with brands across different sectors - Food, Fashion, Real Estate, Pharma, Lifestyle, FMCG, etc. Some of her marquee brands are Cipla, BBLUNT, UltraTech Cement, Mohey, Nature’s Basket, Pillsbury, Lakme, LifeOK, Mahindra Lifespaces. Her work on Cipla, along with her team's contribution, has won 30+ awards. She has also been recognized as one of the most remarkable women professionals of 2021 and won the title of SHE - Strong, Honoured and Empowered (an award by Agency Reporter). Divisha has been part of Schbang for the last 4.5 years.

Rhea Amin

Associate Vice President and Lead - Schbang Academy

Rhea has worked in the advertising industry for over 9+ years and comes with Mainline and Digital Marketing experience from agencies such as FoxyMoron, Leo Burnett and Ogilvy prior to Schbang. She currently leads a team of 45+ people who work towards delivering holistic solutions to some of our key Mainline & Digital accounts with her team, along with leading the core team on Schbang Academy.

Chirag Shah

Associate Vice President - Solutions & Head of Creative Innovation

Chirag focuses on building a high performance team that specializes in helping clients solve business problems through creative integrated marketing solutions. He is also building another team that will drive creative innovation within Schbang, helping brands integrate technology into their creative campaigns, thereby also leading Schbang's entry into the Web3 world.

Prakash Bhadarka

Head - Performance Media

Prakash Bhadarka is a highly experienced professional with 18 years of industry experience. He is a veteran in the field of Media and is known for his expertise in performance marketing and effective branding. In addition to these skills, Prakash also has a strong background in e-commerce. He is highly skilled at developing and implementing successful marketing strategies and is able to effectively promote brands to achieve maximum results. His in-depth understanding of the e-commerce industry allows him to effectively drive online sales and increase brand awareness.

Jennifer Chhor

Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Jennifer will be focussing on growing the digital media and marketing business at the Mumbai headquarters while setting up a stronger base in the personal care and beauty sector for the company.

Aaron Caeiro

Head of Production

Aaron is a passionate and creative Producer with over 9+ years of experience and over 100+ films produced. He is someone who holds beneficial communication skills, leadership capabilities, attention to detail and has the proven ability to manage and facilitate projects across all video formats. (Film, television and digital)

Karan Krishna Pande

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Karan is an Associate Vice President, leading his solutions teams in Bangalore. His music collection consists of several genres from different eras, resonating to his experience with different categories of brands and verticals of digital marketing.

Himanshu Bisht

Sr. Art Director

Himanshu is here to add a splash of bright colour to Schbang’s ecosystem. His bold, free-spirited and quirky outlook reflects deeply in all the designs created under his purview. His collaborative work style focuses on giving visual directions to the brands and depicting Schbang’s culture through his lens.

Madhurika Banerjee

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

With over a decade of experience behind her, working across an array of brands, big and small, Madhurika Banerjee leads strategy and planning at Schbang Delhi. She is the Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions, whereby she's responsible to identify the right touchpoints and devise holistic solutions for brands. She's all about building a great vibe and strong tribe in Delhi.

When not working, she's either traveling, exploring new cuisines, or spending time with her plants.

Rishabh Pande

Group Creative Manager

He's been with Schbang for 5 years now. In his time here, he has been at the helm of hacking the creative process that gets our campaigns to push the envelope and create noise on digital. With a special knack for writing and an unmatched love for thinking disruptively, he's worked on conceptualising, writing and delivering some powerful campaigns from across the industry spectrum. The brands that he's worked for include the likes of Britannia Biscuits, Kotak 811, Amazon Prime Video, Swiggy Instamart, HDFC Life, Unacademy, Syska Accessories, Asus, DSP Mutual Fund, Upstox, Nature's Basket, Finolex Pipes, Mattel Games.

Puru Agarwal

Group Creative Manager

Puru is a creative thinker by profession and a filmmaker by heart. You'll always have someone looking for him in the office with one crazy brief or the other.

Aditya Sobti

Group Creative Manager

Aditya is our in-house creative madman who brings an unconventional method to the madness. Working with a range of new age and traditional brands has forged him into an unconventionally disciplined writer. He is currently building our entertainment marketing division and lives for memes.

Simran Kulkarni

Group Creative Manager

Simran Kulkarni is a group creative manager at Schbang and specialises in building young and entertainment led brands through creative outputs, strategy and her Genz sixth sense.

Temujin Mansukhani

Sr. BD Manager

Temujin aka ``The Ardent`` focuses on driving growth and strategic initiatives to build the Business Transformation department at Schbang.

Joshua Menezes

Associate Creative Director

Joshua Menezes is a multi-dimensional creative: a writer, with a knack for design, pursuing tech. He is currently leading the Bangalore creative team to greater heights.

Bezaad Roohani

Lead UI/UX Designer

Bezaad is a designer, art & creative director. He enjoys designing and leading creative execution for brands and companies to bring meaningful and beautiful experiences to life.

Deepak Choubey

COO, Schbang Q

Deepak Choubey, an alumnus of CERN Switzerland, ICICI Bank and IIT Madras is keen on building SchbangQ, a global IT consulting business majorly operating in Europe.

Asitima B

CSR Manager

Asitima is building the Corporate Social Responsibility vertical of Schbang. She focuses on conceptualising strategies to tackle problems faced by under-served communities in education and skill development, while fostering an ecosystem of goodwill for the communities. Her goal is to redefine corporate giving by being at the heart of where the challenges lie and asking the right questions to those whose lives are being supported, also simplifying giving.

Dhruv Rajput

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Dhruv has been at Schbang for 4 years and has worked on renowned brands across categories - Beauty, Real Estate, Finance, FMCG - like Fevicol, Fevikwik, Jio, Xiaomi, Aditya Birla, Budweiser, Castrol, Cipla, Amazon Prime Video, Kotak 811, to name a few. Dhruv has built a team of creative-maniacs that deliver strategic campaigns based on business goals and a consumer first approach. Along with his very talented team, he helped setup the digital strategy for Fevicol and helped the brand become one of the most sought after brands on social media. The campaigns for his brands have won over 40+ awards in the last 4 years.

Shrishti Jagirdar

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Shrishti Jagirdar helps amplify the power of communication with the help of social media. She helps people grow and is on a constant mission to take the brands that she works on to newer levels of marketing success.

Sahil Shah

Group Creative Manager

Sahil Shah’s name is less creative than his ideas are. Using his creative ideas, he directs a team of creatives to create creative work for the creative needs of creative and uncreative brands, creatively.

Jayesh Joshi

Art Director

An Artist before anything else, Jayesh focuses on bringing nuance, creativity and artistry onto the table. As an Art Director, his role is to establish strong concepts, contexts and execute with style while delivering a brand's message as creatively as possible.

Yashas Patel

Sr. Art Director

Yashas brings in an aesthetic and creative direction to a variety of campaigns and projects, and oversees their realization.

Suraj Adhikari

Head of Business Development - Solutions

Suraj Adhikari heads new businesses for solutions. Suraj is a matchmaker between clients and agencies using his 8+ years of expertise in Digital Marketing. His goal is to bring great brands to Schbang and great work to clients.

Manav Sharma

Marketing Automation Manager

Manav is a part of the Growth and Automation pillar of Schbang. He helps break the ice between you and your customers with smart strategies and communication, over various channels. Sometimes, his counterintuitive thinking is exactly what your brand needs.

Arju Moon

Tech Lead

Arju is a part of the Tech team and focuses on building high-level software solutions for clients. With a deep understanding of various programming languages and frameworks, he can architect elegant solutions to even the most complex technical challenges. He has a knack for breaking down complex technical concepts and is always ready with a creative solution to any problem that arises.

Nimoli Shah

Business Head - Schbang MMaximize

Nimoli focuses on new business, strategy and overlooking the overall business growth for MMaximize

Afshaad Kelawaala

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Afshaad is a creative and innovative leader with a passion for consumer behaviour; to achieve impact and cultural relevance. He is a part of the Integrated solutions team, wherein he plays a brand and business architect with a 360-degree vision, ranging from strategy to commercial implementation.

He is a ‘Storyteller’ and an actor on & off the stage.

Ayush Rathod

Associate Vice President - Integrated Solutions

Ayush comes with demonstrable experience of close to 8 years in the digital marketing space. He has led growth marketing initiatives in both the B2B and B2C space for blue-chips clients as well as growth hungry start-ups across industries like Telecom, FMCG, BFSI, Automobile, Entertainment, Education and Fashion & Luxury. Some key accounts he is proud to have under his ambit of experience are Reliance Jio, Castrol POWER1, StarPlus, HDFC LIFE, UPL, Fevicol, Dabur Amla, and NIVEA.

His key strengths involve integrated brand strategy planning, campaign planning, team and culture building, client partnerships and extracting top creative work from the creative minds in the agency.