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taking the best of creative talent from India to the world.

Want a sneak peak into a Schbanger's life? Watch this video & apply to be part of the team!

Have you got what it takes to #CreateASchbang?
Check out our core principles. If they align with your values, do apply..

Client's Business Wins, We Win.

Fundamentally, we will always be a services-first company that ensures our clients’ businesses fit their definition of success. As Schbangers, we must deliver the whole Schbang by pushing ourselves and those around us to work in the best interests of our partners.

Our Word is our Bond.

We work in fast and complex environments where we deal with multiple stakeholders to deliver speed, agility and results to our clients. It is integral to hold ourselves accountable for our promises and strive to deliver on those promises without fail.

Creativity is Sacred, Aesthetics are God.

We create path-breaking work that challenges the status quo and positively impacts our clients’ businesses. We make sure how we communicate, and design helps our brand stand out.

Partnerships with Win-Win Attitude.

We view all our stakeholders as equal partners and approach all partnerships with a win-win attitude to ensure both parties succeed.

Be Culturally Relevant, Always.

We exist to make brands culturally relevant by being consumer-centric, ensuring seamless communication, and providing top-notch consumer experiences.

Technology to Simplify.

We believe any technology’s governing principle is to simplify the consumer’s life and provide immersive user experiences. Therefore, technology to simplify is our guiding light to create effortless and effective outputs for our clients.

Think. Plan. And then execute fearlessly.

Raw energy is powerful, but raw energy channeled correctly is advantageous. We internalize this to think deeply, plan purposefully, and execute fearlessly.
Hear from some
of your future colleagues!

What sets Schbang apart for me is that we have the complete freedom to explore our full potential here - we’re pushed to challenge our limits every day.

I recently wanted to switch departments & all my seniors on both sides were very supportive of the change, which really boosted by confidence & will to keep learning.
I’ve not only worked on challenging projects for big brands but also had the privilege to interact with such creative minds behind the campaigns - the exposure I’ve got here is simply priceless!

Manik Rege
Culture & Communications Executive

The culture & working environment of Schbang is extremely inclusive & approachable. We can reach out to anyone at any time for help even if we haven't worked with them or those on the management ladder.

When you work with so many people coming from different walks of life, it also becomes important to handle them in a different way, and that openness to approach and talk with everyone is something I’m glad I picked up here!

Mahima Barasia
Brand Solutions Strategist

I design and conduct sessions that aid the personal and professional growth of all the team members at Schbang.

So I get to work with many different talents and even learn something new from them every single day. 

One important skill Schbang has taught me is gaining clarity in planning, execution and communication - this is something we value highly in both our internal & external work.

If you’re a collaborative thinker who likes to build with other people, there’s no better place to be!

Sominee Desai
Trainer, Schbang Academy

How our Hiring Process Works

  • See all our openings on the hiring portal & directly apply with your CV, Cover Letter and Portfolio (wherever applicable). 
  • Don’t see a suitable role? We might have bigger plans for you! Drop a line at, or 
  • If you know a Schbanger or have worked with one, ask for their referral code and mention it when you apply via our hiring portal.
  • There’s no humble way to put it - we receive hundreds of CVs every day and we’re grateful for your love but you might experience some delay in our response.
  • Rest assured, if we do see a Schbanging fit, our HR team will reply to your email within 7-14 working days. If unfortunately, the stars don't align, don't lose hope, as we'll keep your CV on record for future opportunities.
  • If you want some quick tips on how to make the cut, one of our Schbangers has written an extensive guide on how he got hired here so do give it a read!