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Technology Solutions

Our Digital Transformation Team uses bleeding-edge technology to enable you to nurture customer relationships at every stage. We create integrated digital ecosystems covering web, social & paid media, CRM, ERP, search, e-commerce and other channels.

Our custom-made platforms and  solutions help you attract, retain and engage every prospect with a personalized touch.

Proudly innovating with leading technology leaders in the market...
Custom Web Development

We are the proud makers behind some of the most loved websites in India and beyond, including MTDC, TATA Communications, NIVEA India and Baskin Robbins. We understand your requirements and develop agile responsive websites that can act as your brand’s centrepiece.

We can equip your site with geo-specific content, live chat, community management, e-commerce and advanced capabilities.

Web Personalization

Every website visitor has unique intent and needs, so we leverage advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze their behavior on your website (also considering their source and history). This helps us serve personalized content and recommendations based on their preferences and interests.

On the front end, it means that your customers will see content that is relevant to their needs and interests, which can improve engagement, increase conversion rates, and ultimately drive more quality leads as well as revenue for your business.


UI/UX requires a nuanced understanding and continuous testing of online consumer behaviour. Armed with real market insights from 500+ projects on this front, we build dynamic mobile apps/websites to create rich and seamless customer interactions with your brand.

Our UI/UX specialists use cutting-edge tech stacks to build rich and modern online interactions based on platforms like Webflow, WordPress, PHP, ReactJS, etc.

Search Engine Optimization

We like to be #1 when it comes to ranking your brand as the #1 result on search engines. Using industry-grade tools, we have solved problems and capitalized on opportunities to boost our clients’ visibility on the web.

CRM & ERP Solutions

Our Customer Relationship Management dashboards enable you to track every prospect’s journey and automate your communications across push points like email and notifications. The system will trigger appropriate responses to drive behaviour that is aligned with your business goals. We have partnerships with leading CRM providers such as MoEngage, Zoho and HubSpot.

Similarly, we also build streamlined and holistic dashboard for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which helps you seamlessly control and measure all essential day-to-day business activities, including social media, sales tracking, accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations.


More than half of all consumer transactions now happen online. With brand partnerships like Shopify and experience with Amazon E-Commerce, we help you identify the right channels, fulfilment partners, product optimizations and marketing models to supercharge your e-business.

Email Marketing

Email is still king when it comes to conversion. We design and code email newsletters and campaigns that help you reach out to the right segments at the right time with the most impactful message. We also create automated campaigns and drip funnels as per your requirement to match the customers' lifecycle and achieve desired results.

Marketing Automation

For holistically capturing and managing large customer bases at scale, we create customized solutions that automate and personalise your communications across touchpoints such as email, SMS, web, social media and search.

Our automations are built to cover the entire journey from lead generation to nurturing to scoring and measuring overall ROI on your integrated campaigns. We regularly optimize for each channel, too, saving you time, money and effort by making the process system-driven and independent.


The chatbots we build for your website, app, social media and WhatsApp Business are designed to enhance end user experience and drive engagement for your business.

We use a nuanced and real-time understanding of online consumer behaviour, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to handle (and even initiate) complex conversations, accurately identify the customer's pain points or problems and provide personalized recommendations or redirect them to the appropriate channels.

Thus, chatbots not only act as reactive service agents for you but also as active advocates and a sales force to drive higher value for your business.