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Brand Solutions

Our Strategists, Designers, Video Editors and Animators provide you with holistic solutions to grow your digital presence and achieve your business goals through both day-to-day content and integrated flagship campaigns.

Proud to work with the biggest brands in India & Abroad
Social Media Management

We go beyond the likes and other vanity metrics to create well-researched, insight-driven and sustainable content strategies that your target audience finds valuable. The core belief that drives our work is that social media is all about having a conversation and building a real community.

Original Content and Copywriting

Our wordsmiths create compelling ad copy, editorial pieces other original content that prioritizes impact, clarity and empathy over mere loudness. We put customer intent behind every word we craft to drive clicks and shares.

Graphic Design, Iconography and Illustrations

Visual content is now the most popular format for content consumption. Our digital artists execute thumb-stopping content that brings your brand’s vision and personality to life.

We also design high-converting content for websites, apps and e-commerce touchpoints.

Video Editing and Animation

As the world is moving towards video content, we turn around high-quality 2D/3D animations and video edits that are optimized for social and digital sharing.

Film Production, AVs and Product Photography

Schbang Motion Pictures is our in-house production hub that comprises scriptwriters, photographers, videographers, producers, directors, editors and animators who together create ad films, photo/video assets, and feature-length content.
Our Global Content Hub team works on lean and rapid video and photography requirements. We produce content that can keep up with the pace of social platforms. This includes Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, behind-the-scenes films, instructional and educational videos, in-studio photoshoots and stop motion, podcasts, testimonial films, short-form media assets and e-commerce listing and imagery requirements.

Our Schbang 808 arm specializes in branded audio, audio logos and music/sound production.

Campaign Planning

Alongside daily content, we also work on creating memorable events that address client briefs, deliver beyond expectations and leave a lasting impression. Schbang offers a turnkey approach to events from the initial conceptualization, to final production and management.

Schbang Fluence & ORM

Our Schbang Fluence Team connect you with some of the largest influencers, brand advocates and thought leaders on the internet to work on meaningful collaborations that harness their social following to drive recall and business for your brand.

With solid partnerships across mainstream and digital media networks, we work with press houses to get the word out and generate traction for your campaigns.

In close relation, our ORM specialists (Online Reputation Management) leverage media contacts and social listening tools to monitor, guard and improve conversations around your brand.

Print, OOH, Mainline Advertising

Although we are proudly digital-first, we understand the need to have a brand presence at all physical touchpoints, too. So we work with our partner vendors to create neck-turning outdoor assets like billboards and ad banners to more personalized solutions like standees, brochures, magazines and business cards.

New Brand Launch and Rebranding

Our Branding and Consumer Centricity division, called “Schbang Theta,” meditates on your brand purpose, analyzes the audience along with you, and uses data-driven strategies to craft a long-lasting yet fluid personality kit for your business. This will comprise everything from logos and iconography to custom types, brand tonality, visual and copy guidelines, and more…